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DIY System
DIY System

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Ticket System

Ticket System

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Home/About Page

The first page the visitor sees. Add information about who you are, where you are and what you do. Click to view an example.

One Content page

This can be for anything you want it to be: Services you offer, more information about you, congratulate your customers, the sky is the limit!  Click to view an example.

Contact Form

A simple form that allows visitors to contact you without giving your email address away. This has limited customization to suit you available for no extra charge!  Click to view an example.

Horses For Sale

Unlimited horses! - Probably the most important page on your website! You can have as many horses for sale as you want. Each horse can have full pedigree, as many pictures as you want, up to 2 videos, description, and all the other important information. Mark them as Sold and they will stay on the site, but go to the bottom of the listing. You can also have as many "horse types" or categories as you like that fit your operation, and a horse can be in more than one! For example, you might have horse types named "Kid Safe" and "Finished Show Horses" and one horse can be in both of those. When people are searching for horses, they can easily find what they want! Click to view an example.

  Add-on Options All add-ons included! Includes 5 add-ons
($89.99 ea after 5)

Header Slideshow

Make your website pop with a dynamic slideshow in the header of your website. Grab those breathtaking images, send them to us and we will work our magic to make your website your own! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons


Unlimited stallions! - Standing a stallion or many stallions, your studs go here! All the same information as the horses for sale page, and designed to showcase your stallion. You can even put his logo at the top of his page! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons


Unlimited mares! - This is how you really showcase your program - by posting the mares you breed to. Same information as the Horses for sale page and you can have pictures of the mares' offspring, show photos, or ??!!! A mare can be on the mares page AND on the horses for sale page too! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons


Unlimited Foals! - Showcase the offspring of your breeding program to highlight all you have to offer! Offspring of any age can be on the Babies page AND be listed on the horses for sale page too! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons


Unlimited! - Congratulate people who purchased horses from you, or boast about the winning horses in your program! A great way to show that your program delivers the results! A horse can be on the Winners page AND be offered for sale too! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons


Unlimited! There is nothing stronger than testimonials from customers! These will display individually on a scroller at the bottom of the home page as well as all together on a page of their own! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons


Unlimited! This can be used for many things like keeping people up to date on what you are doing, noteworthy events, and calendar, you name it! Each post has a short description with an image that goes to its own page with as many additional images as you care to upload! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons

Photo Galleries

Unlimited! Create as many different photo galleries as you like with as many different images that you care to upload! Ranch/Farm galleries, showing galleries, you name it! Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons

Video Page

Unlimited! Embed as many YouTube/Vimeo videos as you like right on your own Video page. Each gets a title and a short description. A great way to showcase training, lessons, horses for sale, etc… Click to view an example.

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons

Additional Content Pages

Need more pages? No problem! Just let us know and we will set them up for you!

$89.99 Choose 5 Add-ons
Additional Ala Carte Options

Logo Design

$300 $300 $300

Online Payment Form

$150 $150 $150

Online Store

Contact us for a quote! Contact us for a quote! Contact us for a quote!

Signature Personalized Package

Do you want a unique look? Don't want to do your own updates?

Contact us to discuss our custom websites. All updates are included and come with our 24 hour update guarantee!

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