The Next Steps to your New Website!

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Next Steps for your New Website!

When you are ready to get started after ordering, here are the next steps:

  1. Please visit our Support System and sign up!
  2. Next submit the following via the Support System:
    1. Logo, if applicable, as a transparent file (png, pdf, eps). This needs to be transparent so it will sit on top of the background images.
    2. Color scheme suggestions and/or other websites for examples of color schemes.
      Note that colors vary from monitor to monitor, phone to phone, TV to TV etc... To make sure we use the correct colors please use this color picker to send us the color codes. Just choose your color, copy the HEX codes (ie: #150a97), and send them to us!
    3. Pictures to incorporate into the design (background images, textures) or suggestions to what textures or patterns (ie: wood, leather, metals, grunge, floral, etc). The larger the better! (A minimum width of 1600px is recommended for background images).
    4. The Contact information and Social Media Links to display on the website.
    5. Pictures for the header slideshow if that Add-On is purchased. (A minimum width of 1600px is recommended for slideshow images).