Successful Selling of Horses Online - Presentation

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Successful Selling of Horses Online - Presentation
By Tom Bruch

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There are many keys to being able to sell horses online successfully.

This is Step 3 of the series 'Successful Selling of Horses Online'.  Today we are talking about Presentation.

Watch the video to hear from Tom Bruch, Big Sky Internet Design owner, offering common-sense tips that are often overlooked about the presentation of your horses online.

Presentation?  Do you remember how often you are looking at horses for sale, and they are a mess?  Or the barn or the yard or the fences in the background looks like a third-world country after a tornado?   Yep, happens all the time.

So what?  The horse is awesome, right?

Yeah but...  if the current owner does not take care enough to clean him up, straighten up the barn aisle, nail the boards back on the fence and cut the grass so it isn't a foot tall, how much confidence would you have in buying that guy.  Not Much.

A few common senses keys:

  • Good Pictures!  We tell our customers all the time, NO PICTURES are MUCH BETTER than bad pictures!  Taking pictures of horses is...  well, it's hell!  We all know it.  We all dread it.  That is why horse photographers are paid well to deal with hell.
    If you are not sure how to take good pictures of your horses, Google it or search YouTube.  There are more tips and tricks than you can imagine.  Then take lots of pictures, from lots of different angles, different backgrounds and during different times of the day.  Check them out and you will begin to see what is a good picture and what is not.  Then it all gets easier and the process becomes faster!
  • Videos are great, but...  Keep them short and to the point.  No one is going to want to watch a 15-minute video.  How long?  5-8 minutes is considered max.  So make that time count!  Also, be sure the background and lighting help the overall video and does not take away from the horse in any way.  For example, cars on the highway in the background are a huge distraction.
  • A bathed, clean, clipped horse is a beautiful thing!  Clean them up and make them look pretty!  Even a ranch horse will look better if he is cleaned up!  So obvious, but so many people take short cuts.

All of that sounds like common sense, right?  Well, it is!

Something to think about!