Successful Selling of Horses Online - Facebook

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Successful Selling of Horses Online - Facebook

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There are many keys to being able to market horses online successfully.

This is Step 4 of the series 'Successful Marketing of Horses Online'.

Today we are talking about Facebook.

Watch the video to hear from Tom Bruch, Big Sky Internet Design owner, about how to stay out of Facebook Jail AND use your website to successfully market your horse program online.

As you may or may not know, Facebook no longer allows animal sales of any kind, period.

Those that try to sell horses have ended up in Facebook Jail!  

What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook Jail is when Facebook punishes your account (profile or business page).  They can block some features or disable the entire account!

Why?  Because you broke Facebook laws by posting what they consider to be inappropriate content - in our scenario, posting horses for sale.

The penalties range from not being able to publish for a few hours up to a week or more!

To get around that, many folks attempt to post their horses with generic text, never mentioning they are for sale.

The problem then is they are constantly bombarded with questions like 'How Much?', 'Still available?', 'Can you PM me the price?' and the questions go on and on.  You spend all your time PMing who knows who with nothing but a waste of your time to show for it.

Sound familiar?

So, how do you market your horses online without going to Facebook Jail?

Simple, a two-pronged approach that uses your Facebook posts along with your website that is optimized to market your horses.

You continue to do what you are already doing on Facebook with the idea of driving people to your website for more information.

Post the best picture or video you have, add a short description of the horse's highlights then add a link directly to the horse on your website.  Do not mention it is for sale!  Just make it look like you are just showing off this nice horse you have.

When they get to your site, they can see who you are, what your program is all about, what your customers say about you, and additional horses they may want to buy.

That is what marketing horses is all about.  Not JUST the horse, but your ENTIRE program!  

Sure it does take work to do this on Facebook AND your website, but it will pay off!

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